~~~~When you die I will find you~~~~

*****In death I will repent*****

21 June
~I hate that love exists,

and I despise what it has become,

for love is an evil like no other...

And evil is what I have become.

You scored as Hardcore. OH FUCKING YES! Hardcore all the way, its all about the music, and the fighiting for you. you fucking kick ass


80's punk








Street punk/OI!


Are you a hardcore, anarcho, or street Punk? or are you just a flat out want to be?
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You scored as Hardcore. Nice, I would like you. Keep the scene the way it should be. If you're reading this, then you know what I'm saying. Shotguns and Breakdowns!






T - Shirt Emo... Pussy


T-Shirt Emo? Or Am I Screamo, and Heaven Forbid, a Hardcore Kid?
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Your Hardcore, Not necessarily an Edge of some
sort, just Hardcore. You should be content with
that, you can Kick ass, and look good doing it
at the same time, just try not to get involved
with those sXe cult fuckers. They are just

Are you Temp Edge?
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ohhhh the pile on! how hardcore can you be!
you are: the pile on! you just can't stand around
or mosh like everyone else, you HAVE to get in
on top of the action. Everyone loves you, and
most people love to watch or take part in you!

Which moshpit move are you?
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What hardcore band are you?
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a jealousy issue, afi, after forever, against all authority, all out war, all that remains, allegiance, angelina jolie, anime, anti-flag, as i lay dying, avenged sevenfold, bad religion, bane, beanies, betty page, black flag, black widows, bleeding through, blood for blood, bouncing souls, buried alive, candles, casey jones, cats, chains, cheetahs, chess, chocolate syrup, clenched fist, coal chamber, coffee ice cream, collared shirts, computers, converge, courage the cowardly dog, cruxshadows, dead kennedys, deftones, descendents, disney world, dr. pepper, dragon ballz, dropkick murphys, dry cell, erotica, first blood, front 242, ghost in the shell, glasses, glassjaw, glitter, goldfinger, gummi bears, gummi worms, h2o, hardcore, hatebreed, hatred, hed(pe), hoodies, hoods, it dies today, jimmies chicken shack, keepsake, kmfdm, kool-aid, korn, laurell k hammilton, leather, left with nothing, leopards, lilo and stitch, livid kittens, luxt, machine head, marilyn monroe, martyr ad, mdfmk, meditation, mindless self indulgence, money, most precious blood, nin, ninja scroll, nitzer ebb, no emo, nodes of ranvier, nofx, norma jean, old skool nonpoint, operation ivy, othello, pain, piercings, pink floyd, playboy, poisen the well, pool, pornagraphy, primus, punk rock, pussy foot, rancid, reading, relative ash, religion, rock, rollerblading, screeching weasel, sex, sex pistols, sick of it all, silver, slapshot, snakes, snapcase, snot, snow, spiders, starbucks coffee, straps, studded belts, surfing, swords, system of a down, tarot reading, tattoos, ten foot pole, the excorcist, the queers, the ramones, throwdown, tool, underoath, vampires, velvet acid christ, vinyl, vision of disorder, vnv nation, walls of jericho, wicca, witchcraft, women, working, writing poetry