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At work awaiting UPS to get here with my shipment. About to go re-merchandise the women's Billabong and Lost sections so I can fit our new prods. I hate retail stores that have no POG's they are so incredibly un-organized. 1 more day before the weekend, probably going to H20 tonight at Club Cinema. Should be entertaining haven't seen them in like 5 years! Then tomorrow going to see excited! Yea so nothing very new as of yet just working and being anti-social! On a mission of self enlightenment, hope it all works out. I seem to have been having the worst luck ever lately, so I need some new tactics to calm my nerves and give me a better outlook on life in general. I think Karma has a strange way of paying people back for their fuck ups. She waits till your finally getting your life together and have some kind of hope and then she kicks you in the face for everything you have ever done wrong. Whatever fuck a bitch named Karma, she dont phase me! At least I will vouch for my wrongs and take what's coming to me rather than complaining about it all. BROWNIE points for me I think! ANyway back to work...

If everything in life came in a package, we would all suffocate!
This bag is not a toy!

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I adore your background. You seem really fucking cool. Be my friend? ::kitten eyes::
Love the background too but the white font makes it damn near impossible to read your posts.