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Damn what a weekend!

Thursday = Hurricane party at club Adam and Jen(N)'s Lotsa drinking games and we got to keep our power!
Friday = Party at club Jamie's lotsa beer and lesbians! Got pulled over for girls dancing and making out on our car in the 24 hour Mc D's line!
Saturday = Wings and beer then off to Club Lezlie's for A kegger!
Sunday = Work till 7 then off to see 6 Feet Under, All That Remains, 3 Pints of Blood, and Chimaira!

What a last hoo ra before starting my 16 hour a day work week! I couldn't be anymore content than a pig in shit, cept i'm very very hung over!!! I need to invest in that chaser pill from now on!

Well back to work ladies n gents I won't be on here much cause of my hectic schedule and I am currently cut off from internet access at work so kit kids I miss my peops fucking holla at your girl! 954-822-4335

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You sound busy.