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There are just some moments where I just wish I didn't care so much about certain things. I wish I could just pretend everything is okay and everything will work out. That no matter what happens it will all be perfect once again. I wish I didn't over analyze things. I wish I could trust again. I wish this pain was all a dream. I wish I was just one of those stupid girls that always smiled cause they weren't smart enough to realize anything bad was happening!

I wish I could make these tears stop. I wish I could just grab you and kiss you and make all of this go away, but I can't cause I caused it, and you have every right to be mad at me. I thought too much, I swore there was some alterior motive. WHEN the fuck did I become the jealous and insecure type!

Can we fix this?
I want to fix this?
HOW can I fix this?

I WILL fix this!

I am so sorry, sorry I belittle you, sorry I get so angry, sorry I overreact, I'M just so incredibly sorry for everything. CAN you ever forgive me...?
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