BLaCk*WiDoW (kreationdigital) wrote,

I sat next to you this morning, touching your face, feeling your breathe. Completely consumed with your presence. I can never be close enough to you. I can never touch you enough! Sometimes clothes is to much, it keeps your skin so far from mine as if to not be able to feel your soft skin is like being neglected water or food. You give me purpose, you make me strive. Soon it will just be us and nothing else in the world will exist but you and me in our temporary costumes. If this is what LOVE is then I must be the luckiest girl in the world! Cause to have found you, I have found love.
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awesome post thats how i'm feeling for my g/f right now. and awesome background picture.
Thanx man, yeah it's a great feeling when you spend what feels like an eternity trying to find that someone that makes everything else in the world dissapear and then you actually find them!