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Okay so here's the wrap...thanks to everyone who offered there shoulder in my last post I appreciate it! So my dad was working in Port Saint Lucie when we moved in and he was going to come stay with Adam and I every other weekend and crash in the spare bedroom, but then he decided after the first month that he was going to fuck up his job and kinda weasled his way back in to live with us, that way he would only have to pay 1/3 of the rent and bills! So eventually he got more and more comfortable and soon the apartment ended up being his altogether even though I paid for half the move in, I found the apartment after weeks by myself looking, and I was the one to make all the arrangments! So eventually Adam and I just ended up in the master bedroom everynight after work instead of in the living room watching TV. Unable to cook food after work cause I work late and apparently cooking in the microwave is far to loud for dear old dad! So whatever we dealt with it! Inexpensive and we were out all the time anyway! But now Adam works from 7am to 3pm and I work 3pm to 9pm so our conflicting schedules made it difficult for our weekday partying. So we started sitting home more and having our traditional Adam and Jenn movie nights where we ended up hiding amongst our bedroom so dad could have the living room or so the surround sound on the living room DVD player wouldn't wake his ass up! Eventually it just got aggravating. So he starts going out during the week and getting piss fucking drunk wakes US up now and expects us not to be pissy about it! FUCK THAT! We work far to hard to have to play mommy and daddy to my own father! If you want respect you must first give respect! I have had it...He came home ridiculously drunk Sunday night and long story short he got violent threw me on the floor and tried to maul Adam for no reason...So I called the cops! They arrested him for domestic violence and didn't hesitate, my knee was bleeding for one, and two he tried to attack Adam while they were questioning him! Not a smart move! So now he's in Jail 15,000 dollar bond and for once no one wants to help him out! SO Adam and I are packing all our shit up cept for the essentials and we have the apartment to ourselves once again for the next 3 weeks till he gets out so we are going to take advantage of it! Then when he comes home everything of ours will be out and all we'll have to grab is our suitcases of clothes and were out of there! We're going to stay with Heather for a couple months till we have our finances situated and then we are going to get a cheap studio (we figured we don't need anything bigger) So as aggravated as we are and I certainly am I am going to make the best of the next three weeks! I paid the rent till the end of the month so it will be up to dear old dad to find a roomate and deal with the bills from there on!

On a lighter note, I have an interview at Ron Jon at Sawgrass Mall on Monday and I will be starting School Monday too...not going to be all that fun working 2 jobs and going to school but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! WISH ME LUCK KIDS!!

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Goddamnit Jen, I wish you could have applied when I actually still worked there. lol

GOOD LUCK!!! and call me we need to hangout!
good luck woman. sounds like u got a good plan :o)
im gonna be workin at sawgrass *ritz camera* full time starting the 22nd