BLaCk*WiDoW (kreationdigital) wrote,

My interview went awesome today! I have a second interview scheduled for Thursday with the GM. So apparently I will be working the 8am-5pm Stock position, then coming to work here for the Frat. of Police from 5:30pm to 9pm and then school from 9pm to 10pm! Long days await, but soon I will be financially where I want to be! I figure finish my schooling up and quit both jobs and go work for the city. $15.00 an hour to start in parks and recreation staffing, working from 7-5pm Monday through Friday. I would love it! Anyway first things first one step at a time.

"Someday things will flow like they never have, and someday I will have what I have never dreamed of. The sand drops through the hourglass taking an eternity to cease, but what feels an eternity is only actually hours!"
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sounds like u got a good plan :o) ur working at sawgrass in the mornings right??? me tooo :O) well my schedule is gonna be wierd but yeah ill me working at sawgrass too